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We have always been amazed by the disconnection you could witness between people and part of their own culture, between neighbouring islands, 40 kilometers apart, between the international fame of some cultures and the quiet death by suffocation of others.

Latin America and the Caribbean is a complex region to grasp. A region where political unrest, identity issues, discrimination, are part of daily life. A region of extreme contrasts - the meeting point between the Atacama Desert, one of the worlds driest and most inhospitable places on earth and the world’s richest marine ecosystem, and great paradoxes - where a country like Haiti, which helped financially Simon Bolivar in his campaign for the independence of South America became one of the poorest countries in the world less than two centuries later.
And here is where Latineos comes. In the gaps and holes left or created, rebuilding the broken, internal and international, cultural bridges. There to share the dynamism and creativity generated by the paradoxes and beauties of a world.
There as a fertile clump facilitating the propagation of arts and enabling cultures to perennate.
Frederic Marc