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How does it differ from other projects promoting Latin America & the Caribbean?

First, we want to promote the Caribbean world as much as Latin America. Also, we don't want to limit ourselves to listing events and artists, but want to provide a platform giving access to valuable information through academic works, articles, our community, and – very soon! – documentaries, live chat with personalities, and much more.

Can I put anything at all on my profile's album photos, videos or only Latin American & Caribbean related content?

Latineos is all about Latin American and Caribbean culture and we want to give our members an easy way to be part of it! Any quality content related to Latin America & the Caribbean will be appreciated by other members. If you’re a visual artist, you can display your work, get others to know you, share ideas. If you’re into writing, why not start a blog or let us know if you’d be interested in becoming one of our editors?

Where is the Caribbean present in the name Latineos?

The freshness and dynamism of the Caribbean is represented in the word Eos. Eos is the goddess of dawn, and used as a symbol of creation, of a rich culture always in movement.

Can I help?

Sure! We always welcome great writers, well versed in Latin America and/or the Caribbean. All you need to do is contact us and we'll gladly get in touch.

I can't find the author I'm looking for?

We’re continually updating our site, adding reviews, events and articles. Drop us a line, send us your suggestions and let other community members discover your favourite author, movie, book, album, or event.